Monday, August 6, 2012

Macarons and Ombre Nails

Aren't these macarons so lovely? It's a bit expensive, but I like how they taste and look! So dainty.
Inspired by the pastel colors of macarons, I did ombre nail. 

Here's step by step on how I achieved that look:
1. Apply base coat.
2. Apply white polish. Try not to have it too thick or too thin.
3. Prepare a clean makeup sponge, and cut the sponge according to your nail size. Apply the desired nail polish onto the sponge.
4. Dab the sponge to the nail. If the color is not saturated enough, apply more and more until desired.
5. Apply fast drying topcoat. I recommend the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry.
6 . Get a Q-Tip soaked in polish remover to remove polish that has gotten on the skin. Another method I use is in the hot shower, genty peel or scrape off the excess dried polish from your skin.
7. Ombre nail: complete!

I used Revlon 'Minted' and Essie's "French Affair" as my gradiation colors.

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