Sunday, April 8, 2012

Warmth of the Sun

Just went outside for walking my dog and felt the warm California sun. Felt like summer already! So when I came back and was browsing through as usual, and their "Norwegian Wood" post caught my eye instantly. Loved the clothings, photography style, and just the warmth it breathes through. Looking forward to the weather now!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Backyard Adventure

Can't believe it's already April 2012! Like they always say, time flies.
All photos taken/edited by me.

Spring Nail Picks

 Painted my room yesterday! The color is called 'Pastel Jade' I'm in love with this color!
Inspired by this, I'll be naming several of my Spring favorite nail polishes.
(From left to right)
Wet N Wild | 'On a Trip' | 'I Need a Refresh-Mint' | 'Heatwave'
This nail polish line surprised me. I love the cream-finish, long-lasting formula and the fat brush.
 (From left to right)
Revlon | 'Minted'
Orly | 'Rage'
Sally Hansen | 'Yellow Kitty'
 (From left to right)
Sally Hansen | 'Fly With Me' | 'Insta-Dry Fast Drying Top Coat'
I'm going to try out the nail strips as soon as spring weather arrives!
 I'm wearing the beautiful rosegold 'Rage' by Orly. It is hard to remove but it's worth it. It's badly chipped right now, I know.
In my favorite pink thrifted bowtie shirt ♥