Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rain + Music


These last few weeks, music has been my light and therapy.

Recently, the weather condition has been very rainy and gloomy where I live. Influenced by the melancholy atmosphere, my taste in music has greatly evolved as well. I always favored upbeat pop music over anything because of the hype and energy they bring. Strangely, I've been very into more lyric-focused, acoustic and ballad types of songs. I have two favorite songs at the moment and they are both by the same artist--Tim Lopez (the lead guitarist from the Plain White T's). The first one is called Rhythm of Love, which I love the story behind the song. Tim actually wrote it while he was in love, so the song really reflects the highlights of being in love and its peak of happiness. Another favorite of mine is Body Parts, which is also written and sung by Tim. This song felt very special to me because I was touched by Tim's sorrow and regret of losing the love he had with his wife. I was astonished as to how the harmony of lyrics and tunes can deliver such personal feelings. These two songs have been overplayed on my phone and I'm seriously addicted to his voice. Whether I failed a test or the weather was gray, I can always listen to his soothing voice and end up smiling throughout the rest of the day.

Love at First Sight


This winter, I've been strangely into the color BLACK. Something about this color fascinates me. Recently, my mood has been very grounded and calming--although college application process did not help that. I felt that wearing pieces incorporating black expressed that and I also enjoy how it looks modern and sleek against my body. I was looking in my wardrobe and I realized I did not own any black outerwear. It was a shocker because black outerwear is such a basic and a versatile piece. So being a shopaholic myself, I was--and still am--on a hunt for a black outerwear and I stumbled upon this black long coat from It was love at first sight. This coat has an androgynous feel to it with its straight waist line, which I actually enjoy. What sold me was the leather lapel. Black (faux) leather has been one of my obsessions this winter, so having that aspect in this coat was just amazing. Unfortunately, there are two downsides of this specific coat. I'm not sure how it is going to fit on my body type as this coat only comes in one free size. Another drawback was the price of $140. It's not too bad considering its quality and the number of details this jacket contains.This coat is one of those pieces that you have to give it some time to think about its value. Will this fit in my wardrobe seamlessly? Will I have at least 10 different outfits with this jacket? If you can't answer these two questions, just pass it on.

Hopefully I will look back on this post later this week or so and decide if I really want this coat or not. If I find an alternative piece, I will probably have an outfit post with it.

Until next post...