Sunday, March 18, 2012

Prom Dresses!

I'm in a dilemma... PROM DRESSES.
My prom is coming soon in May 2012 and I'm wondering which dress I should buy.
I'm planning to buy it really early to assure that no one else will overlap with me.
So the big question is: gown or short?
Prom is all about wearing long dresses, but this year is my Junior Prom. (which is less fancy than Senior Ball) So I'm thinking to buy short dress this year and then long dress next year.


Easier to dance in, no alteration needed, more selections, less budget, useful in future, legs!
I have been eyeing this dress for awhile now. I really like the color because even though it is red, it's a deeper shade of red, which suits me better. Also, I thought this dress with a gold glitter pumps would look really well together.
This is a bit less gold than I like, but this is just an example.

Pro- More fancy and Prom-like, statement!, elegance
I am in love with this aqua color this season, and I found the perfect dress with it! This dress is a bit expensive, but not as much compared to others. I just love the color and it is not strapless. I cannot stand strapless dresses because they make me uncomfortable. Even though I love this dress, I'm afraid to break the bank because I can't think of any other occasions to wear this dress. For accessories, I would go with silver tone jewelries and any shoes since it's going to be covered up anyway.


So what do you guys think? Help me out!



  1. Loving the dresses!

  2. Do the short dress, and save the long one for Senior Ball. My junior prom's coming up as well! Aren't you sooo excited? :D

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