Tuesday, January 31, 2012

South Korea Trip

So you guys might and might not know that I went to South Korea during my Thanksgiving Week. I was going to upload pictures from my trip, but I have been procrastinating on that. So today, I'll show you a sneak peak of my trip!


My perfume of the trip was Daisy by Marc Jacobs. This is my first floral perfume that I absolutely love and now whenever I smell this perfume, I think of Korea. Ahh.

My aunt owns a Burberry store so I just had some fun and took pictures wearing Burberry trench coat and bags. In Korean words, I was going for a 된장녀 look haha.

I went to the Seoul Lantern Festival 2011 (서울 등 축제). It was so awesome! I got to see beautiful lanterns that lightened up the city. 

My first time going to a nail salon... got my nails done like this! I loved it.

I took this photo on top of the Seoul N Tower.. The view was so overwhelming and surreal because I have not been to Korea in such a long time. It was really beautiful, too.

One of many dessert food I ate. Korea's food is AMAZING. ♥

So this is just a little bit of my trip. If you guys find this interesting, I will definitely post some more. I know I have not been posting alot... :( Bad Vicky.. I have many beautiful outfits made, but I just need to take the pictures...I'm also thinking about doing some YouTube videos.

Oh, if you guys are interesting, I made a Tumblr. My username is whitebuttondown.

Thank you, everyone!


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