Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm in love...


I think I fell in love... with Twenty Seven Names A/W 2011 Collection!

I'm in love with the pieces in the pictures above. I wish I had them all in my closet *sigh*
Recently, I'm super into feminine pieces of soft silky blouses and pleats. The sheerness of the fabric emphasizes the lovely side of a girl.
 Also, I love the outerwears that are structured and has geometric shapes like the cape and the trench coat. Even though the second picture on the left is not a cape, it looks like one and it would be much more wearable! I loved how it balances out the model's thin legs. Oh, bunching socks are the perfect touch! I wish I could pull it off like that...
Another thing I wanted to comment about this collection is their makeup and hair. I think it's amazing how the model looks so soft and girly. The makeup is really natural looking, still makes her look dreamy.

The collection's name is "The Fearsome Five."